2 January 2017

These past few days I've been binge listening to Jason Mraz' album "Love is A Four Letter Word", and at my most vulnerable state, his song "Living in the Moment" came on shuffle. I'm at the point where I felt like everything was against me but instead of letting my emotions take control, I took a deep breath and smiled. As an emotional person, it's expected that I will really have a hard time dismissing these feelings, but Jason Mraz' song "Living in the Moment" slammed me back to reality. He's right, why worry about things that haven't happened yet? I realized if I keep allowing my worries to take over, I will only stagnate and it will only hinder me from appreciating the moment. The only way we can get through it is by allowing things to unfold as they should.

"I will not waste my days, 
making up all kinds of ways
To worry about all the things, 
that will not happen to me"

I'm always inspired by people who push through problems, overcome obstacles and find ways to manage difficulties that come their way. It's not easy and yet they learn to accept what is. For me, they are the true warriors of life. As the title of this blog post suggests, we will only become one if we stop worrying and start embracing the challenges that life throws at us. Whatever it is you're going through now, treat it as a learning experience and believe that it can always make you a better person.

Like Joni Mitchell, Jason Mraz is one of the few talented artists I admire the most because of their incredible music and meaningful lyrics. With everything happening, his songs are like a sweet salve on the wound. If you're going through a tough time right now, may it be a heartbreak, rejection or loss of a loved one. It really helps to listen to some of his songs such as Living in The Moment, Frank D. Fixer and I Won't Give Up. Believe me, nothing will lift you up more than how Jason Mraz' heartfelt songs do.


Top  Trevise | Shorts  Forever 21 | Necklace  Stradivarius | Shoes  Parisian | Shades  Sunnies Studios

Now, let's talk about my #OOTD! These pictures were taken in Capitole de Toulouse in France and because of limited resources this is probably the closest I can get to pulling off the "warrior look". I decided to put aside my bohemian style for a while and went for a more edgy fashion. I guess, we can all agree on the fact that black will always be the edgiest color. Thus, I picked this sleeveless top I bought from a store in Glorietta and matched it with this metallic shorts. To top it off, I wore this 3 chain necklaces from my favorite store. So... what do you think of the combination? 

Before I end this post, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who's been messaging me about how my blog have inspired them - they are honestly the reason why I keep writing and doing what I love. 2017 will be the year when I'm going to focus on "The Sassy Theory" and hopefully inspire more people. *sniff* Anyway, don't hesitate to tweet or message me about the topic today! I would love to hear your thoughts :) 

Stay Strong and Sassy! 

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