4 January 2017

Sheer Clothing is, without a doubt, one of the most difficult pieces in our closet. Reveal too little and your look suddenly becomes less interesting, reveal too much and you'll get awkward stares from people. The thing about this type of clothing is it adds more Oomph to your look. But the question is, how does one wear sheer clothing without feeling overexposed? Sheer look can really work to your advantage if you're comfortable wearing a little more skin and if the occasion allows for it (take note of general lighting). In my case, I thought it would be more appropriate to layer this Embroidered Sheer Top with a strapless bra underneath. For the bottoms, I could either wear trousers or pants for a more conservative look but since I want something a little sexier and elegant at the same time, I matched it with this Pleated Skirt from Forever 21.


Top  Galerie De Soso | Skirt  Forever 21 | Pointed Flat Shoes  Prada | Clutch  Buntal

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