25 October 2018

I always find hanging out in Cafés a more inviting option than going to the mall. There is just something about it that makes my heart flutter - and no, I don't mean palpitations from having too much caffeine. I'm talking about the ambient music, the refreshing environment and even the whir of a coffee machine. It's true what they say, finding the perfect place for work or meeting with friends is one of the simple pleasures of life. Last Saturday, my boyfriend and I discovered a lovely café nestled in the small neighborhood of Banawe, hence the name; Neighborhood Game Café.

They are located close to one of the busiest streets in the Metro so whether you're commuting or driving, Neighborhood Game Cafe isn't really hard to spot. Prior to our visit, I made my research because knowing my boyfriend he dislikes going to places with no parking. So just imagine my relief when I found out they offer free parking space for their customers. We haven't even gotten to the place but I'm already loving it. Hooray for that!

Sweet and Spicy Flavored Wings, Php 189.00

Bacon Carbonara, Php 219.00

Coffee Ribs, Php 239.00

S.E Fries, Php 139.00

As soon as we arrived, we were welcomed by a warm and inviting atmosphere (thank you to the kind security guard for guiding us into the parking lot!) but even more so when we got inside. Everyone had beaming smiles, myself included, especially after seeing their wide array of board games. Mrs. Jenn Tan, one of the owners of the shop, was kind enough to guide us to our seats and offer the menu card. I must say, they serve budget-friendly food without compromising the taste and quality. My personal favorite was the Sweet and Spicy Flavored Wings then matched with their S'mores coffee-based drink - a winner combination!

After placing our orders, my boyfriend and I went straight to the shelf where all the board games are. We were ecstatic like kids in a candy shop! Their selection are top-notch in my opinion, and most of the board games I used to play when I was younger were there such as Monopoly, Snakes and Ladder, Uno and more. It was also nice to see other familiar games like Exploding Kittens, Resistance, Cards Against Humanity and Taboo.

Since my boyfriend and I wanted a bit of a challenge, we agreed on trying out a board game we've never played before. Mrs. Jenn suggested us to try Melissa and Doug's Suspend Family Game. If you're not familiar with the game, basically, the objective is to balance metal rods onto an elevated base. It may sound easy but don't be deceived because unlike Jenga, this Suspend Game is harder to complete. After playing the Suspend Game, we tried a more complex strategic board game called Splendor. It took us about 20 minutes to read and completely understand the rules on our own but once we get the hang of it, we had a blast! It was so fun my boyfriend recently purchased his own board.

While some board-game cafés cater to kids - Neighborhood Game Cafe is also for anyone looking for a place to hunker down to study and work or people who simply wants to do something out of the ordinary. As for my boyfriend and I, we wanted a place where we can ditch our phones and have a face-to-face conversation - board games encourages us to do just that.

After filling up our tummies, we had the chance to have a chit chat with Mrs. Jen who turned her hobbies with friends into a successful business. What really struck me the most from our conversation was when she said to; "THINK A MILLION TIMES" before venturing entrepreneurship and I believe this can also be applied to anything in general. One choice could either make or break us. So it is important to think, think, think before we decide because once it's done, we can't undo even the littlest of things.

Neighborhood Game Cafè is located at 48 Ubay St, Banawe, Quezon City and they are open daily from 10AM to 10PM. To know more, visit their website here.

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