22 February 2018

To anyone who thinks OPM (Original Pinoy Music) is dead. Think again. Last February 20, I was invited to attend OO: Originals Only event presented by Acousteoke at The Brewery. It was truly a wholesome experience for me watching all these OPM artists showcase their talents and musicality. As a musician myself, I'm happy to see that original Filipino-made music is starting to flourish again. This made me realize that local music is indeed still alive, we just have to dig deeper. 

OO is more than an event that celebrates the diversity of OPM. It is a movement that supports all genres of OPM, providing a venue and opportunities for artists to showcase their original material. Mainstream media and the establishments seldom celebrate the sub genres of our beautiful music. OO provides a supportive community for all of its artists and music. It is a passion project whose purpose is to bring back the love for OPM and encourage the Filipinos to be proud of the talents that we have here at home and bring out more of our unique sound to show to the world. Continue reading through this post and get to know the OO artists that proved OPM never died because it's just getting better!

Mikee Misalucha opened the show with a bang! Mikee is a singer- songwriter whose music incorporates the following genres: indie pop, folk, country, pop, alternative rock and contemporary R&B. Her versatility and musicality on stage definitely proved that she's more than just someone who shares the same bloodline as the Asia's Nightingale - Lani Misalucha. What I definitely adore about her is that she knows how to convey the appropriate emotions and connect well with her audience during performance. Get to know Mikee Misalucha by following her on Facebook and Instagram!

Guji Lorenzana is actively seen on Philippine television and movies, as well as, in the music industry. He actively DJ's in clubs, and as the lead singer of his own rock band - they perform at local bars, events and concert halls. Beyond his charming personality and undeniable talent, Guji also has compassion for underground artists in the Philippines. In fact, he is the mastermind behind the very successful OO: Originals Only event. What more could you ask for in an artist, right?

His first single “We Are” from his up and coming album, is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, and all major digital outlets worldwide. Follow Guji on Facebook and Instagram.

St. Wolf's performance really blew me away! The highlight of the night for me was when they sang their latest single - Papara. Their "Swabecore" music will really put a beat in your heart and make you move your feet! Don't let this band be the best music you never heard, follow KL Dela Cruz, Vince Lucero, Karlo Maglasang and Bob Sadural or collectively known as St. Wolf on Facebook and Instagram.

Leanne and Naara is a musical duo that is dedicated to make music that would offer a new experience to listeners. They often harmonize and explore other vocal elements within the songs that they perform and write. The two got together as block mates and had their first performance as a duo during their freshman year. Both finished Bachelor of Communication Major in Performing Arts in Assumption College. Beauty, brains and talent! Catch the lovely duo Leanne and Naara on Facebook and Instagram.

One Click Straight is a collective of like-minded artists, molded by a brotherhood fuelled by an undying passion for music. With a sound almost described as a fusion of melodic pop, indie rock, and synth pop, One Click Straight drives listeners through the ups and downs of emotion with their own brand of sound. One Click Straight consists of Toffer Marquez, Joel Cartera, Tim Marquez and Sam Marquez. The band started with jam sessions until late 2013 when they began to write original material. Then in 2014, they began to release original music and play gigs. Mid 2016, the band released their debut EP entitled "Nostalgic" and is now available online. You can catch them online because their Facebook and Instagram are just One Click Straight away!

First noticed from the first Philippine Popular Music Festival. Keiko writes music from the heart and sings everyday. There's nothing she can imagine loving more than family, melodies, lyrics, hang outs, inspirations, love and dogs to name a few. According to Keiko, her music was influenced by Taylor Swift's honesty and wit, Daughter's serenity, Nat King Cole's vibe, Joan Jett's rebellion, and Barbie Almalbis' melodies. If you want beautiful vocals and wholesome messages in a song, you should go and have a listen to Keiko's music! Catch her on Facebook and Instagram.

Credits to the owner of this photo.

Aside from AJ Rafael's surprise appearance, one of the performers who concluded the night was Dane Hipolito. You might've already seen him doing covers of hit songs online, performing in different malls, bars, coffee shops or even at last year's Chalk Campus Tour series serenading his way to people's hearts. With his single "Hiwaga" out and an album on the works, Dane is well on his way to making his mark in the music industry. With his music, he especially takes pride in his dedication to help OPM thrive further. Although, I didn't get to watch Dane live since I had to leave by 12 midnight, I heard his performance was nearly perfect and everyone was all ears! I'm looking forward to finally watching him on stage soon. For now, let's all catch Dane Hipolito on Facebook and Instagram.

After tonight's event, seeing all these incredible artists pour their hearts in their music and live performance made me realize that OPM is already in the stage of rebirth. It's sad but true that many Filipinos are quick to judge when it comes to OPM instead of choosing to appreciate and support it. I personally believe Filipino-made music is great in its own way, we just have to give it a chance. I would like to thank the people behind OO: Originals Only for coming up with his kind of event that help Filipino artists grow and get the recognition they deserve. 

Mabuhay ang OPM!

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