3 December 2017

Drinking water religiously has always been an issue for me. Since I was younger, I'm not the type to drink 8-10 glasses of water everyday, my parents would often remind me to always hydrate myself and they would even explain how our body is made up of 75% water. I never listened. At first I find it "cool" that I can last a day without any fluid intake, I would even brag it to my friends. However, just recently I realized the danger of not drinking enough water when I underwent major operation. The anxiety before and after surgery, add up to the painstaking recovery process is something that could have been avoided if I only listened to my parents and drank water regularly.

Too many of us are missing out on an important nutrient. It’s not a food. It’s not a vitamin or mineral. This overlooked nutrient is readily available, often free, and easy to take. The powerful player here is water, and when I mean water it has to be quality water that purifies and nourishes us. That's why we should only trust the best and I recommend Aquafina, the world's best-selling water.

Last November 16 during the Grand Launch of Aquafina here in the Philippines, I learned that its water is purified using the best technology available to purify water, this process includes reverse osmosis, ozonation and carbon filtration to remove things like chlorides, salts, and other substances that can affect the taste of water. With this, you’ll get pure water consistently every time you open an Aquafina. Aquafina prides itself in delivering consistently crisp taste in every bottle, no matter the market, across the globe. 

Kelly Misa-Fernandez, Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez, Pia Wurtzbach and Maureen Wroblewitz for Aquafina

Aquafina, the bottled water brand trusted by consumers around the world, is now in the Philippines. Known for its purity, Aquafina brand has won over consumers around the world since its introduction in the U.S. in 1994. It hopes to change the game once again with its expansion to the local market. “Filipinos always demand for quality and credibility and the same is true when it comes to bottled water. With the continuously growing water category in the country, it’s high time for Filipinos to experience the pure water that Aquafina has to offer, says Melai Lazaro-Javier, PepsiCo Category Manager for Juices and Water.

As the world’s best-selling bottled water brand, Aquafina likewise aims to bring out the best in every Filipino. “Each of us has what it takes to be the best at something. No matter how big or small they may seem to be, these successes deserve to be celebrated and be proud of. Aquafina hopes to give every individual the inspiration they need to become their best self”, shares Javier.

To further this advocacy, Aquafina chose none other than Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach to represent the brand’s philosophy. With an inspiring backstory to her now-stellar career, Pia undeniably embodies what it means to persevere, stand out, and eventually become the best. 

Aquafina is now available in all leading supermarkets and grocery stores at Php 10.00 for 350mL, Php 15.00 for 500mL and PhP 24.00 for 1L.

Get a taste of the world’s best-selling water! Visit AQUAFINA to learn more about how you too can become the #BestAt anything you please.

Don't forget to drink water and... Stay Sassy! 

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