23 July 2016

I have never worn contact lenses ever in my life until last July 10 during the Freshlook and Air Optix event held at Robinson's Ermita. If you're wondering why? Well, aside from the fact that I don't see the point of wearing one hence my 20/20 vision, I'm honestly terrified of them. Let's be real here, just like anything in this world, contact lenses does pose some risk. Eye infection can occur and in worst cases, can lead to blindness. I wouldn't say wearing a pair of contact lenses for the first time was better than I have expected but I would definitely recommend it.

Cotton Candy and Cupcake to satisfy my sweet cravings

My favorite MYX VJ - Alexander Diaz happily hosting the event

Welcoming the newest Air Optix Colors ambassador, Kathryn Bernardo, alongside Freshlook Color Blends ambassador Julia Montes. Lovely ladies, indeed!

Julia and Kathryn answering queries from bloggers and press

I would love to share with you guys all the useful information I've gathered during the event on how to properly put on contact lenses as well as how to maintain it. It's no doubt that putting it on may feel impossible the first time but hopefully these simple steps will be of help. Here it goes:

1. Wash hands thoroughly. Be certain to remove all soap residue. 

2. It might help to first put a dab of contact solution on a clean finger and touch it to your eye briefly. Try doing this a few times until you're already comfortable with the sensation of touching your eye. 

3. When I put contacts in, I place the contact lens on my index finger, then use my long and middle finger of the same hand to gently pull my lower eyelid down. With my opposite hand I gently press my upper eyelashes against my face (holding the eyelid open). This helps limit blinking as I insert my contact.

4. In removing it, I hold my eyelid open in the same position and swipe my index finger across the surface of my eye to the outer edge. From there I typically am able to swipe or gently pinch the contact out.

If you're a first timer like myself, you should always remember that you're supposed to wear contact lenses with only a short time of use each day (2-4 hours will do) and gradually increase it to allow your eyes to adapt to the lenses. Don't rush it; make sure you have eye drops with you and use it every 2 hours especially if your eyes already feel dry.

Overall, it takes a lot of practice but if you want to give your everyday look an extra oomph, contact lenses are the way to go! Good luck to all the first timers out there and feel free to share with me your experience.

For more information about Freshlook Color Blends and Air Optix Colors contact lenses, you may want to read the FAQ's provided below:

1. Is the appearance of AIR OPTIX® COLORS the same as FreshLook® ColorBlends®?

- AIR OPTIX® COLORS and FreshLook® Color Contact Lenses are designed to enhance dark or light eyes and bring out one’s natural beauty. They are made with a unique, smooth surface and feature a technology that combines 3 colors -in -1 to blend naturally with the color of your eye. Filipino women can now choose to have AIR OPTIX® Colors for Long Hour Wear or FreshLook® for Everyday Wear depending on their lifestyle. These lenses are available with or without vision correction.

2. What’s the difference between AIR OPTIX® Colors and FreshLook®?

- AIR OPTIX® Colors and FreshLook®, both designed to create beautiful, natural-looking eyes, while providing healthy vision and consistent comfort throughout one’s wearing period have their own special wearing modalities. Knowing how long you want to use your contact lens in a day matters. Just like our bodies need to breathe, oxygen is also essential for the health of the cornea, the clear, domed-shaped front part of the eye. Insufficient oxygen may cause corneal swelling and lead to irritated and red eyes which may bring about uncomfortable lens wear. AIR OPTIX® Colors is made up of proprietary “silicone hydrogel material which allows plenty of oxygen to pass through the contact lenses; therefore they are perfect for LONG-HOUR WEAR.  FreshLook® on the other hand, used the classic hydrogel material and is best for EVERYDAY WEAR.

3. What is the recommended replacement schedule for  AIR OPTIX® Colors and FreshLook®? what is the replacement schedule if a consumer only wears AIR OPTIX® COLORS part-time?

Alcon recommends monthly replacement for  AIR OPTIX® Colors and FreshLook®, whether they are worn every day or part-time.

4. How many colors are available for AIR OPTIX® COLORS? How does this availability compare to FreshLook® ColorBlends®?

- AIR OPTIX® COLORS Contact Lenses has an extensive color selection; from subtle enhancements (pure hazel, blue, green, grey and brown), or for bold and striking eyes (brilliant blue, gemstone green, honey and sterling grey).
FreshLook®  color selection includes amethyst, green, pure hazel, brown, gray and blue for a subtle look, and honey, sterling gray, gemstone green, brilliant blue for  those who want to have striking eyes. 

5. Is vision the same in AIR OPTIX® COLORS contact lenses as clear contact lenses? 

- Vision is similar but not identical. After a few days of lens wear, vision with AIR OPTIX® COLORS for most consumers will be nearly the same as vision with clear contact lenses. However, there is an adaptation period, especially during low light conditions such as driving at night.

6. Which lens care solutions can be used with AIR OPTIX® COLORS and FreshLook® ?

- Consumers can use all approved multipurpose solutions and peroxide solutions with AIR OPTIX® COLORS. However, for an optimal wearing experience, Alcon recommends OPTI-FREE® PureMoist® multi-purpose disinfecting solution or AOSEPT PLUS® cleaning and disinfecting solution

 7. Can the color pigment inside AIR OPTIX® COLORS and FreshLook® rub off or leach out of the lens?

- No. Color pigment is permanently cross-linked inside the matrix of AIR OPTIX® COLORS and FreshLook contact lenses and is not removed or altered during cleaning. Unlike other color contact lenses with color printed on the lens surface, the color of AIR OPTIX® COLORS breathable contact lenses is encapsulated within the silicone hydrogel material. With color inside, all that touches patients’ eyes is the ultra-smooth permanent plasma surface of AIR OPTIX® brand contact lenses. Contact lens wearers can enjoy beautiful, comfortable lens wear.

8. Is the same color pigment used for both AIR OPTIX® COLORS and FreshLook®? Yes.                                                                        
9. There are so many colors, how can I choose the best color for me?

- First, find out which suits you best by virtually trying on a pair of AIR OPTIX® COLORS or FreshLook® at our online Color Studio. It can simulate the effect of eye color change electronically, without spending time on lens insertion, settling and removal during the initial selection process. Second, visit your favorite optical clinic and they will be the best people to help you select colors that will complement your skin tone and hair color.

10. Do you have a Facebook or Instagram account?

- Yes, they are  FreshLookPh, AiroptixPh.

11. What’s the price of FreshLook® and AIR OPTIX® COLORS?

- FreshLook® and AIR OPTIX® COLORS are available per pair in all leading optical clinics at P1195.00 and P1495.00 respectively.  Avail of special promotions in the optical shops.

 Stay Sassy! 

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