9 May 2016

Growing up with a musically inclined family, in a way helped me appreciate and enjoy different genre of music from Joni Mitchell, Guns 'n Roses, Hillsong, One Direction, Bon Iver and the list goes on. Last January, Coley and I was invited by a couple of our friends to attend The Juans gig at Prism Plaza. We didn't know what to expect since we had no background of the band whatsoever. I will be honest, I was hesitant at first as I thought I might end up not liking their music and going there would just be a waste of time. It wasn't until we watched them live that I realized I was missing a lot in the OPM scene and the rest was history...

Carl Guevarra, Vocals and Keyboard

Unlike other boy bands we know, the members of The Juans namely Japs Mendoza, Carl Guevarra, Jason De Mesa, Jiad Arroyo and Daniel Grospe can play their own instruments and sing their own songs. Their first single "Atin Ang Mundo" as well as their other songs "Prom" and "Magkasama" have been spinning around my head since I first heard them. I love how each song has an optimistic feeling to it and makes your feet want to dance, and your soul soar. Their musical talent, good looks and strong personalities put together makes them one of the best up and coming bands on the local scene!

Daniel Grospe, Vocals and Drums

The Juans weren’t formed like most bands. They weren’t childhood friends who realized one day over a basketball game that they could harmonize really well. The band, in spite of their growing success now, also had their own share of hardships both as individuals and as a group. In one of their videos, each of the guys had gone through innumerable auditions and experienced loads of rejections in the past but their love for the craft pushed them to strive harder. Despite the fact that pursuing a career in the music business can be one of the toughest paths to take, as well as where the overwhelming majority of people experience failure more often than success. Jason, Japs, Carl, Jiad and Daniel didn't let these hinder them from chasing their dreams. Seriously! if there's one thing I admire about this band it's their determination.

Jason De Mesa, Bass Guitar and Backup Vocals

"Lahat ng pangarap may kakambal na hirap"In the process of chasing our dreams, we are going to incur a lot of disappointment, a lot of failure, a lot of pain and rejections. However, these guys look at failure not as something to be feared but merely as a stepping stone to success. I mean, come on, how can you possibly appreciate what you have if you've never experienced failing at anything?

Japs Mendoza, Acoustic Guitar and Vocals

The band did everything it took to be noticed, from handing out their profiles to different resto/bars, impressing managers in hopes of getting a record label to playing gigs at ungodly hours. The people who are living their dreams are the people who know that if it’s gonna happen, it’s up to them. It was obviously not an instant success for The Juans. They had faced so many trials along the way but what came out of those made everything worth it - a 5 year contract with Viva Records (one of the most established record labels in the Philippines if I may add), a strong fan base and an album of their own. All thanks to their persistence and of course with the help of the man above - Jesus.

Jiad Arroyo, Guitar and Vocals

Aside from their family and friends, the Juanistas' (how the band address their fanbase) support is an essential part of The Juan's success. During the band's gigs, TV/radio appearances and award shows, they always make it a point to thank their fans for the dedication and strength they give to them everyday. May it be through attending their gigs, giving them gifts or messaging them on their social media accounts. It shows that the members of the band is paying attention to the effort their fans are doing and letting them know how much it matters to them. And, well, there’s not much that’s more appreciative than that.

Be part of The Juans' growing fanbase - by following the Juanistas Official on Facebook and Twitter. Also, if you need a good laugh you may also follow The Juans Memes on Twitter

I still have a lot to say about my new favorite band, but I'll just probably save it for my future posts. With that, I hope you guys learned something from this band, besides new songs to download and listen to on Spotify, but a lesson that we should always aim high with our goals in life. There is nothing wrong with falling short of our goals but by setting the bar high and striving to achieve, we have a better chance at success. Just take The Juans as an example! Anyway, if you're curious and would want to know more about the band & the schedule of their gigs, follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. With a new album on the way, an EP which was released just a few months ago and a strong support system, this band is definitely worth looking out for!

PHOTO CREDIT: A big thanks to Trisha Tejada for allowing me to use these awesome shots she took of the band! :)

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