26 April 2016

So these past couple of months has been one big roller coaster ride for me. There were times that I felt as though I was on cloud nine and everything was working perfectly. I just graduated from my dream university, I have been traveling, I have family who are very supportive and friends who are always on-the-go... always want to have fun. I feel happy. However, there's something niggling at me in the back of my mind telling me that everything was "too perfect". Not long after, I was proven right the euphoria I was feeling was indeed a calm before the storm. Just when you're already getting used to something, it suddenly changes. I have to be honest though, I was having a hard time trying to stay positive with bad things happening one over another. For 3 straight days all I did was sleep, you know, to allow my mind to drift away for a while. Only to realize that sleeping when you're mad or sad is a stupid idea because it actually makes the situation way worse. TRUST ME. Well, I don't want to go on the details, instead, I'll just share with you the 3 R's on how I cope when bad things happen (sleeping not included!) in hopes that some of you may find this post useful as well...

1. Reflect. This is the first important thing you should do when dealing with struggles. Stay away from your phone or any distraction for a while and give yourself time to reflect and just think things through. 10-20 minutes of alone time is good enough. This will enable you to face yourself as you are and not what you "should be". Seeing this can reveal a lot about the illusions within. 

2. Read a book. Detach yourself emotionally because most of the time the emotions that come out of negative situations are negative and what better way to do that than to read a book? Currently, I'm reading a book written by Cecilia Ahern (favorite author evahhhh!) and it's funny how the story relates to what I'm going through right now. I swear, I have been overwhelmed with signs, hints and help from the universe! Anyway, it's only been 5 days since I started with the book and I'm already a few pages shy of finishing it. Reading books specifically that of Cecilia Ahern's make me feel like I'm not alone in the battle and someone is also going through the same situation I'm in or even worse. Which leads me to my 3rd point...

3. Remember, it's temporary. Whatever you're going through right now, big or small is just temporary. In a few years time you'll forget about all of those or if ever it did cross your mind one day, you'll probably just laugh it off or remember it as a lesson. As cliche' as this sounds, everything happens for a reason. Your boyfriend of 5 years broke up with you because there's someone out there who is more deserving of your love, you didn't get accepted in the job you wanted probably because there's a better one waiting for you or your parents didn't allow you to go out with your friends today mostly because they sense something bad is going to happen. Just think of it this way, you were put in that situation for a purpose... and that purpose? We have yet to find out. 

Lastly, don't forget that the solution is contained within the problem, if only we will take time to look at it for "what it is"... the journey is the destination. Enjoy it!

Stay Sassy!  

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