6 January 2016

Solo travel is grand, but there will come a time where you just wish someone could be there to experience everything with you. Aside from family, traveling with your best friend is the best way to do it. After all, you'll never argue over where to go, because you want to go everywhere together!

Taking a trip with your best friend can be one of the most amazing and exhilarating experiences, Coley and I know that since we have already gone out of the country last year. We definitely had a great time, so instead of just sharing pictures on Instagram we decided to give some tips on how you and your best friend can make the most out of your trip!

Let's begin...

1. Dream. Everything starts as a dream. If you and your BFF are very passionate about exploring other places, both of you will do everything to make it happen.

2. Save. This is probably the most difficult yet important part when traveling. In our case, we decided to put up a business. The profit we get there, we then add it to our travel budget but we’re not saying you do the same. Putting up a business is not as easy at it looks. You deal with different people everyday and it will really take a lot of your time. But here’s a simple tip we can give: Try writing down every single thing you spend money on. Every coffee, every snack, everything! Do it for a month, then go through and determine what was a "need" and what was a "want". Be honest with yourself about your needs and wants.

3. Where To? Read about the country you’re visiting! Are the people nice? What do we do there? Are the food expensive? Is it worth it? Before taking the next steps, make sure that you and your BFF are 101% decided of the country you’re going to because remember there is no turning back once you’re there (unless money is not a problem for the both of you).

4. Be Organized. Choose a flight that best fit your travel plans and budget. Also, double check your passport especially the expiration date. It is solely your responsibility to check the expiration date on your passport and file to renew it at least 6 months before it expires to avoid inconveniences. Besides, who wants to be denied entry in a foreign country? That’s quite stressful and even embarrassing!

5. Plan Ahead. Making an itinerary can be quite a daunting task especially if you and your BFF are the spontaneous type of people but remember that you want to make the most of your trip so it’s very important to atleast have an idea of the places you are staying in, landmarks you want to visit and the things you want to do once you get to your destination.

6. Buy a Notebook. Make sure to invest on a notebook that you and your BFF can write on before, during and after your trip! You’ll thank us after. It doesn’t really have to be formal because you can turn it into a scrapbook by putting pictures or by doodling your agenda for the day… just have fun with it! The thing is it’s always a wonderful feeling to have something to look back on with your best friend in the next years. You can check out @xxiidiaries on Instagram for personalized and customized notebooks :)

7. Make a Checklist. It is important that you and your BFF make a checklist of every item you plan to take on your trip. Here’s our starter:
  • Pants, shorts 
  • Shirts 
  • Formal attire (you never know what you might need it for!) 
  • Pajamas (boxer shorts and loose shirts will do)
  • Underwear, bras, socks 
  • Sneakers, sandals, heels (if needed)
  • Bathing suit 
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste 
  • Hair brush and any other hair things that you need
  • Travel size shampoo, conditioner, body wash 
  • Cell phone charger 
  • Jacket
  • Book 
  • Pocket Money (never go without it!)
  • Credit or Debit Card 
  • Sun block lotion or any lotion to keep your skin moisturized 
  • Purse 
8. Plan Your #OOTD. Planning your OOTD’s together is the best way to save time and a fun way to bond with your BFF as well!

9. Pack Light. Bring the basics. Make sure the clothes you bring can be easily mixed and match with so it won’t be too hassle! Trust us, once you get to your destination and you have no idea on what to wear while you're there can take you to a whole new level of stress.

10. Double Check. Make sure you have everything you need: your bag, documents, tickets, passport and other necessities. It is also recommendable to have a separate envelope or folder for your important documents.

11. Sleep Early. Make sure you get a good night sleep before your flight so you won’t look like a walking zombie in the airport. 10 hours of sleep, if possible!

12. Get to the Airport Early. If you and your BFF are not very familiar with the airport and you have a feeling you’ll get lost inside, go there early so you can know for sure that you’ll find the right check in spot in time or your flight. Not only that, you’ll also have ample time for picture taking! Y’know, the kind where people goes “friendship goalssssss”.

13. Airport Outfit.
Of course, always wear comfortable clothes when in the airport. It doesn’t have to be extravagant unless you and your BFF are planning to go to Fashion Week or something and you’re running a bit late, that can be a good excuse but other than that just go casual with your outfit. Wear sneakers with socks so that your bare feet won’t have to touch the eeky airport floors during check-ins.

14. Bring Extra.
Extra chargers, extra memory card, extra underwear, extra money, extra energy (pun intended) and extra everything because it’s better to be ready than regretful!

15. Take Pictures and Videos.
When we say pictures, we mean lots of ‘em! Try to be more creative when taking photos and not just imitate the usual tourist-y shots, that way your photo will have a more personal touch.

16. Eat. Make a list of restaurants to visit and which food to try. Then once you’re there… devour!!! TIP: Never eat in usual fast food chains (Mcdonald’s, KFC, Wendy’s) make an effort to at least dine in a restaurant that can’t be found anywhere except for that country you’re visiting.

17. Learn Their Language.
Hallo, ola, ciao, hi! Try to know at least the basic greetings. It will definitely save you from feeling out of place.

18. Act Smart.
Always keep an eye on your valuables and look behind before you leave.

19. Be Friendly.
Your smile can go a long way. You can meet new friends from different races, and if they’re nice enough they can even give you tips on where to go and what to do while you’re in their country. Neat!

20. Avoid the Internet. P L E A S E. Disconnect yourself from social media accounts. You can always go online. Remember: You didn’t go there for free WiFi, you’re there to enjoy with your BFF and make memories that will last a lifetime!

21. Live in the moment. Make every moment count with your BFF. Make amazing memories because these are the things that you can bring with you for a lifetime. Traveling, for us at least, is also the perfect time to disconnect from our regular life. It will not only provide you fun and adventure but it also help in strengthening your friendship bond!

22. Just go. If you feel like traveling, just go. Cure that wanderlust within you. It’s true that an adventure is always the best way to learn. Putting yourself in an unfamiliar environment allows you to learn about how you respond to challenges and adversity, not to mention diversity! Talking to people who live in the areas that you visit will open your eyes to another perspective… and what better way than to experience these new things than with your BEST FRIEND? So go out there and make your ‘friendship goals’ happen!

We really hope you learned a thing or two from our tips. Do share with us your first traveling experience with your BFF on Instagram or Twitter. We’d love to read your stories! Until then, see you on our next blog post! If you have time, you might also want to drop by XXIIDIARIES :)

Sas and Coley x

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