7 September 2015

During High School, I was never the type to read books. I'd rather do outdoor activities than sit in complete silence and stare at the words. However, when I entered college, things have changed and I can barely stand to put a book down. I have grown fond of reading books that during my term break last August, I was able to finish 3 books in a span of 7 days. I love how reading completely takes my mind away from reality, at least for a short while, and to places and things I may have only imagined.

Ultimately, the thing about reading is that it gives you new information, it lets your imagination run wild and it makes you more creative. In fact, I've got the inspiration for this blog post from one of the books I've read during term break, called A Walk in the Park by Jill Mansell. It's a book about love, life and everything in between - pretty much something a girl like me would definitely enjoy reading. Anyway, relating it to my outfit for the day, I opted for a casual look that best represents Gigi, one of my favorite characters in the book. She's your typical school girl who can be sweet and downright frank at the same time. To pull off the "school girl" look I wore this red button-front skirt from Cherry's Closet and matched it with this off-the-shoulder top from Genevieve Gozum. Off-the-shoulder tops, as well as, button-front skirts have been popular on and off throughout fashion history. These are one of the stylish pieces that prove fashion is indeed revolving. To conclude today's casual look, I wore this ever fashionable and never going out of style Converse All Star shoes.

Get the look:

Skirt: Cherry's Closet | Top: Genevieve Gozum | Shoes: Converse

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