16 August 2015

It's a little early to tell, but we do know that Flared Jeans or popularly known as the "Bell Bottoms" in the 70's are back and better than ever (hopefully)! I'm glad my Mom was able to save a couple of this type of jeans in her closet since they're impossible to find in stores for now. Ever since Skinny Jeans entered the fashion scene, a lot of people have decided to ditch the Flare Trend for good and because of that, clearly not everyone is happy about it's comeback. For starters, Flared Jeans have always been an iffy trend to try. If you think pairing tops is hard, well… try styling shoes with these jeans??? But just like the other complicated pieces in our closet, its all about your willingness to take fashions risks. If you think you're too short for Flared Jeans, try pairing it with pumps and cropped top... Exactly like how I did it! I wanted to pull off the Boho Chic look so instead of wearing heels, I matched it with brown boots from Zara. Then to top it all off, I wore this lovely headpiece from Summer Soul Gypsy! Definitely the perfect accessory for music festivals or even just when you feel like adding a little Hippie vibe to your look. Ultimately, there are abundant things you can do with Flared Jeans, just give it a go and remember; reliving the past is not all that bad. Scavenge through your closet for an old piece to give it new life!

Get the look:

Flared jeans: Guess Jeans | Boots: Zara | Headpiece: Summer Soul Gypsy

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Stay Sassy! 
Photography by: Coley Silva

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