Share-A-Charm (Belated Birthday Giveaway)

13 July 2014

Charm Bracelets are one of my favorite things in the world. All my charms mean something, rather it be something about me, or somewhere I went. I got my first charm bracelet when I was in grade school and I remember my Mom had given it to me few days before my 4th baby brother was born to remind me that despite a new baby in the house, she'll still love me and care for me just the same. Since then I grew very fond of collecting charm bracelets until I decided to make my own. 

The Charm Bracelet (see picture above) comes with 5 charms, these charms represent who I am and the unforgettable events that happened in my life... For example, the Bicycle - This charm reminds me if something bad happens or whatever that knocks my balance in life I just need to keep my head high, deal with it and move on like riding a bicycle. It's like a broken record in my head but it helps!

Well, I wouldn't just be talking about Charm Bracelets without giving away one, right? Because you people are amazing and supportive I decided to give away not 1 but 2 Charm Bracelets to my 1 lucky reader! Which you can share with your Best Friend, Colleague, Cousin, Sister, Mom or even your Enemy! (I mean, why not?) 

That's not all! The Charm Bracelet will also come with 5 extra charms of your choice! 

Here it goes... 

Please join and tell your friends about this giveaway! 

Stay Sassy! ❤

Please follow the mechanics stated above. Otherwise you will be disqualified.
 Blog giveaway runs until August 3, 2014, 11:59pm.

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