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24 May 2014

After the announcement a few nights ago that I won, a meet and greet plus tickets to Taylor Swift's Red Tour on June 6, I have never in my entire life felt so blessed. After 6 years of praying and wishing that someday I'll meet one of my biggest idol, it is finally happening! The second I saw my name on the screen I couldn't contain my emotions, I screamed, cried and ran to my parents who were in the living room chatting. They had no idea what was happening until I calmed down. It was the happiest night of my life... so far.

I remember telling Nicole last year that I'm already happy with a General Admission ticket, but to my dismay the tickets got sold out in 2 hours, so apparently I was "ticket-less". I was really determined to watch Taylor perform live but my only chance is to join contests and that is exactly what I did for months. After failing the 3 contests I joined (Spinnr [UPDATE: I WON HERE TOO, June 5], Soundcheck and Selecta Cornetto) I almost gave up... until my inner voice told me to try again. This time I was more hopeful and positive that I'll get what I have always wanted if I invest more effort into it... and I was proven right. I was only aiming to get tickets to her concert but I got MORE than I actually aimed for, and that is meeting TAYLOR SWIFT in person. I was on cloud nine!

A lot has happened after, both good and bad. I'm very grateful for the people who were extremely happy and excited for me including those whom I don't know personally. Congratulatory messages kept coming in and I couldn't be any happier... but we all know that not everything will be candies and glitters. 

Hates, disgusting words and death threats were popping in my notification as well. As much as I don't want to admit it - the things they were throwing at me hurts in so many ways. It got to the point that I wished I never won... but then again I know that's ridiculous. When I joined the contest, I wasn't thinking of the consequences I'll be getting if I win, it never crossed my mind not even once. My eyes are already opening up to the world and realizing the fact that not everyone is mature enough in accepting rejection. Jealousy is a trait common to people who has not gone beyond the confines of their ego! After days of dealing with these kind of people, I gave it a rest. After all, I'm the one meeting Taylor Swift, not them... :) 

People judge because they want to put others down and satisfy their egos. Obviously, people are going to bring you down because of what you do, your social status and who you are. But in the end, they make you a stronger and braver person. They're a blessing in disguise, I guess. Just don't dwell on them too much because that will only attract them more and attack you harder. I am not innocent here, I know that I have hurt someone too in one way or another but it didn't get to the point that I would mentally kill them and wished that they were never born.That's already too much. I learned to be more careful with the words I use, because they will only be forgiven not forgotten...

[What I'm Wearing Dress: Tiendesitas, Shades: Ray Ban]

I learned from the best...

Photos taken by: Jovy Sacro

I would like to take this chance to thank everyone for being there for me. Your positive comments kept me going and gave me comfort. To the people who made "Saskia Supporters" on Twitter (HAHAHAHA), you know who you are and I love you for sacrificing your time defending me when you can be doing something more important. To Taylor Swift Pilipinas and Iya Villania your kind words mean so much to me. To the haters/bashers and to the people who keeps calling me "Swifteroo & Swifterina" keep on hating guys, it's not like it would give you more chances of winning. You have no idea what I have been through and the efforts I put into my entries. To everyone who are currently joining contests to win Red Tour Manila tickets, don't give up! If the tickets are meant for you, it will be but if not then accept it. To the future winners: BEWARE! it comes with free haters. Just be the better person and never stoop down to their level :) 

Be Fearless and Speak Now
Stay Sassy! 

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