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6 May 2014

I made a random poll earlier on Twitter about what to write here on the blog because surprisingly I have no idea what to talk about. I've been too busy reading Wattpad stories (Harry Styles fan fiction to be exact) that I barely have time to catch up with reality! As exaggerating as this sounds, but this is like the first time I've touched a keyboard again after almost a week. I've been on my phone reading stories for hours and I only stop to eat, take a shower and tweet. That has been my every day routine for the last 7 days. This obsession is killing me to be honest, and I don't know why this is happening to me when I'm about to turn 20! Isn't this what 13 year olds usually do? 

Anyway, like what I've just said earlier I made a poll and a lot of my Twitter followers asked me to talk about "love, cheating or how to make a relationship last", as much as I want to talk about it I honestly have no motivation to. I don't know maybe I'm not yet ready for it due to my lack of experience *ehem not ehem* or simply because I don't have anyone right now and I couldn't really relate... yet. Maybe in time I will :) But right now, I feel like doing something fun! Something that I have never done before until now. Like what I've said in my earlier posts I want to be a bit more personal or interactive here on the 'ol blog so I decided to try this out. I’m hoping that you’ll enjoy reading these little facts about me!

30. I love going to amusement parks and go on an extreme ride

29. I love butterflies and flowers

28. I'm into anything bohemian, I have to thank my Mom for that

27. I'm a terrible hip-hop dancer

26. I laugh really loud

25. My full name is Saskia Maria Andrea Prieto-Sacro. Whatever you're thinking right now, the answer is an astounding YES.

24. I adore the color pink... I've been a pinkaholic since kindergarten! 

23. I have 4 siblings and I'm the only girl

22. I love going on spontaneous trips with friends

21. I have the same birthday with Imelda Marcos. I guess that explains my obsession with shoes.

20. My first love was Zac Efron. I'm almost certain he would have yours, too..

19. I'm a frustrated singer

18. I'm lactose intolerant. In a simpler term, I hate milk and it makes me sick.

17.  I cry A LOT

16. I study in De La Salle University and I'm currently enrolled in AB-Psychology

15. I took up Ballet lessons when I was in 1st grade for 3 years, switched to Ice Skating then to Gymnastics until finally settling down to Cheerleading

14. I'm more into chick flicks and romantic-comedy movies

13. When watching a movie, I prefer eating candies than popcorn

12. My favorite movies so far are Harry Potter, PS I Love You and The Lovely Bones

11. I'm not Japanese

10. I'm a fan of Taylor Swift even before she became an item

9. My relatives and closest friends calls me "Kax" 

8. I'm actually a very timid person

7. I love to commute. The first time I commute alone was in 3rd grade

6. I have a diary which I bring everywhere I go and call it "You"

5. I want to be a Flight Attendant when I graduate

4. I'd rather be in a concert with my friends singing to our favorite band's song rather than dancing in a party and have myself surrounded by drunk people

3. I have an obsession with One Direction. I bet half of you knows that already so I don't have to explain myself. Besides, I have a very special post reserved for them soon.

2. My family loves to travel and go to secluded beaches

1. I love to jump

That's it! Can't believe it took me 3 hours to come up 30 facts about me. Crazy right. Anyway, I'd like to get to know you better too! Tell me a random fact about yourself  :) 

Stay Sassy! 

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