Style Inspiration: The Gypsy Queen

23 April 2014

Can we just talk about how gorgeous Vannessa Hudgens is in this bohemian/gypsy outfit at the Coachella event? I mean, not just this year's but for the past years she has attended the said event. Honestly, she's one of my guilty pleasures since God knows when. When she starred at High School Musical I've always been a fan of her bubbly and down to earth personality, I really enjoyed watching her do her craft. We haven't heard of her since Spring Break and honestly speaking I never thought she would evolve into this! I was in awe when I saw her pictures over the internet and I can truly say that she's on top of my style inspiration list. 

This white on white look is going to be the biggest trend this year, I can feel it! I always wanted to try this look on but I fear that I might end up looking like I'm wearing a diaper over a tiny blouse. I guess losing a bit of my weight will help solve the problem. Hihihi

Oh this one... I think this was taken 2 years ago? and it's pretty apparent that her style is something to watch out for. I really dig the top plus the thigh necklace! 

You could really tell by her actions that she has the heart of a bohemian/gypsy lady, she's free spirited and really doesn't care what people say. I guess if you want to pull off a certain style, you have to act like one too. 

This is like her saying "bow down to the queen!" kidding aside, I just loooove this whole look. One thing about the bohemian/gypsy style is that it teaches you to experiment on colors and it normally doesn't go with the safe ones. "Whatever floats your boat" they say, as long as you can pull it off well, there's nothing to worry about. Just don't go on neon, neon then neutrals! A BIG NO NO.

This is my favorite look of her so far. I really love the dress plus her hair style, it suits her and she looks absolutely gorgeous. Her accessories matched well with the whole look plus the "bindi" helped too! Vannessa is not afraid to be herself which is readily apparent in her bohemian/gypsy interpretations. She's someone we all should look up too not because of her outside looks but her beautiful personality as well. 

Here's a throwback article last year published by Candy Magazine: Saskia Sacro for Style Files and read about my style inspiration. And can I just add that I'm one of the Top 5 Style Files of 2013! You might want to read about that too here.

Stay Sassy!

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