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25 April 2014

I don't know what got into me but I composed a song last night... After reading an article online I've realized tons of things about life and how I should reflect on it more rather than thinking of the superficial ones. I have a journal with me all the time and it keeps me company whenever I feel alone, lonely or just feel like writing down something. I was browsing through it earlier this morning and I couldn't believe how far I've evolved as a person. Although I'm still a kid at heart who shrieks at almost all the boy bands (especially One Direction) and cry over shallow things, I'm a few months away from turning 20 and there's no turning back. Soon enough, I'm going to start making decisions on my own and learn to act as a young adult.

My teenage dreams are nearly ending and I'm already doing my best to live each moment because this will eventually pass whether I like it or not. To all my readers who just turned 13 or perhaps in the early stage of adolescence, ENJOY IT! stay in the moment and don't do something you will regret in the future. A lot of people have told me this but I guess I never listened... I always dreamed of becoming an adult, working and enjoying the freedom that comes with it. It's part of growing up and we couldn't blame anyone for that.

I haven't decided on what I want to be in the future yet... whether I should continue blogging, become a flight attendant or whatever job fancies me. It's crazy to think that sooner or later I have to decide on that too. Sometimes I wonder if I have the jack-of-all trades syndrome or some kind of a  weird disorder because all of the people my age or even younger have already decided what they want to be and are in the peak of their careers. I don't know maybe God has something better in store for me... Who knows?

We all are still waiting for our moment to come... for now, we should learn how to appreciate the smallest things and stay in the moment. If you feel like things are not running that way you planned it, remember that right now is not our time but eventually God will get tired of  putting us on hold and start giving signs. We just have to be patient and be confident in whatever we do. I always keep this in mind, in fact some of the few phrases here are from my journal which I read and look at whenever I feel like giving up. 

I'd love to share with you the lyrics of the song I just made but I feel like it's not publish-worthy and needs a little editing. Don't worry, in time I will with a musical score. I PROMISE!

I'd like to apologize to Fashion Blooms for the very late blog post. I was supposed to have the flower crown blogged last January but time seems to be lacking so I had to postpone it. But I hope this look makes up to it! This look is by far my favorite, everything is just perfect... from the headpiece down to the scenery. The photos turned out the way I wanted it and it's all because of my Daddy's amazing photography skills! Love you, pops.

Before I end this heart-felt post, I'd like you all to remember that you are the perfect moment. You make it happen, and do not wait for one to come on by. It is what YOU make it and make all your moments PERFECT because they are what you have. In short, do not live in the land of no and just be who you are. Go with your gut. You never know that maybe just maybe the wrong choices you make today might bring you to the right places tomorrow.

Stay in the moment & Stay Sassy!

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