I'm Only Me When I'm With You

23 April 2014

A lot happened this past few days and I would love to share with you the highlights for the week. The other day, Nicole and I visited our best friend in Taguig City. It feels great to hang out with them again after a long time! To be able to catch-up with each other's lives is just fun. We did tons of crazy activities in the house and one of them is fangirl over One Direction. Well, that's Saskia for you. Haha! We watched "This is Us" again after watching them for the nth time. Sang almost all their songs in the karaoke. Mary Grace and I even "converted" Nicole to the 1D fandom! That is one of the few nights I will treasure forever. Just having them beside me and forget about the stress around is what made everything dream-like. I don't how I would deal with the harsh reality of life without real friends.

My outfit for today speaks so much about friendship - colorful and varied. If not, then that's not real friendship. Friends are very important to have in life, close friends and not mere acquaintances. They are right below family, sometimes can be on level. Friends will always be there for you no matter what, the ones that truly care for you. They give the sense of belonging and assures you that you're not alone in this world. Sometimes they are the only family a person has. They cheer you up when you're sad, make you happier when you're happy or when you're just in the mood to chat about everything and nothing. Without friends, a person can feel lost. Being friendless can cause you to depression because you wouldn't have anyone to run to for help. Even family can be your best friends because you share your inner-most feelings with them having that trust it would stay there. A life without friends is like a flower without sun. The sun helps the flower to grow and show its true color, to be radiant and vibrant. Friends help you grow and make you feel expansive to enjoy life to the fullest. Friends... is a very important factor in a human beings life, cherish them and love them like you do yourself.

People often ask me "how come you have so many best friends? aren't you supposed to have only one best friend?". I thought about it too before but then isn't labeling your friends to "just friends, best friends and close friends" the same with your parent's having favoritism in the family? That is why I treat everyone equally and call them my best friends so as long as they don't betray my trust. I don't have high standards for choosing my best friend, I just like to have people around me who I can let steam off and rant about almost all the nonsense things, but in the end you know you love them and they love you back no matter what. 

I don't want to make this post any lengthier than what it is, so now onto my outfit for the day... I love colors. Anything colorful makes me happy, it gives out a positive vibe and makes you radiate that appreciation for the goodness of life. Anyway, the blue cropped top I'm wearing here is from Forever 21 (kuddos to Nicole for lending me this!) I matched it with this ethnic high-waist shorts I bought from the thrift shop for 250 pesos then topped it off with my favorite wedge. What do you think of this look? 

Stay Sassy! 

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