All Too Well: A Valentine's Day Special

9 February 2014

"And maybe we got lost in translation
Maybe I asked for too much
But maybe this thing was a masterpiece
Till you tore it all up"

"All too Well" by Taylor Swift is by far my favorite song from her latest album "Red". It for me is so lyrically accurate that you can see the story as it unfolds in your mind's eye. Since it will be Valentine's Day tomorrow it will be more apt to talk about something Love related...lest I come across as being bitter. I asked my Twitter followers this question last night, "is being single scary?" and here are the top 3 answers:

Chesca - "It isn't scary because being single saves the individual from the limitations that come along with being in a relationship." 
Mijie - "Being single is not scary at all. Tested and proven. At first I also thought na scary nga or baka hindi kakayanin but in the long run, it was a self accomplishment. You realize you can do things independently and feel satisfied.. As the cliche goes - you learn to love yourself more."  
Xandra - "For me? Being single is not scary. Lalo na po kung may mga kaibigan ka po na pwedeng pagtreasuran ng good memories that some people couldn't."

It is heartening to know that a lot of people find singleness a good thing. From my personal experience, I can truly say that there is such a thing as "single-blessedness". But before I arrived at that realization I had to go through a lot of emotional roller-coaster. Those trials revealed to me that my desire to be attached simply came from the fact that I am 'empty' within. Once I realized that, I set about a journey of self-discovery which brought me to the realization that I do not need "others" to complete my 'sense of self'. Once this was uncovered, peace of the heart followed naturally. All that was needed was to slowww things down just enough so that we could smell the flowers, we always pass by in the wayside, which we take for granted in our desire to get ahead! As my Daddy's wise words would say "Do not look for the right the right girl first, then the right guy will just come along." Good things come to those who wait!

To those that are currently attached, just remember that the affairs of the Heart is not only for Feb 14. My parents have been together for 25 years and they never celebrate Valentine's Day. When I asked them why, they simply retorted "every single day of our relationship together is a celebration of the Love we both share."  To those that are single pringles and unattached (like moi) don't frown, be pro-active. Call up the gang, organize a pajama party or pillow nights, order your favorite pizza for everyone and rent movies (love story for relevance). Don't allow any situation to change you into someone that you are not, if you don't like the situation then change it! It is all in your power of choice....choose wisely. Trust me, it works!

I hope this post helped you in one way or another and if you have any questions regarding the topic just let me know... alright? write it down at the comment box below :)

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Happy Valentine's Day & Stay Sassy! 

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