Trip to the North: Cape Bojeador Lighthouse, Burgos, locos Norte

3 January 2014

We're finally in Ilocos Norte after 13 hours! We stayed at one of Norte's famous pensionne house "Balay da Blas". Balay da Blas Pensionne House was built as a residence for the Blas family. It was designed as a home first, which can be seen in its decor as they were chosen with care to create an atmosphere that is quaint, charming and warm. Then as Laoag City enjoyed an influx of tourists and business travelers, the decision was eventually made to open its doors to "guests". (for more info, click here)

Our Mom woke us up at 6 AM for breakfast. I wish I had more time to sleep though but I had no choice, we have yet to explore Ilocos Norte.

We ate a wholesome breakfast before we started our day, it kicks our metabolism into high gear, fueling our bodies and our minds for the long day of adventure ahead of us. One of the things I want to experience in Ilocos is to taste the local dishes like bagnet, longganisa and poki-poki.

Sitting atop this hill with the commanding view of the West Philippine Sea is the essential Lighthouse of Cape Bojeador. These majestic creation of man has served countless sailors from the days of the Galleons and currently the mega oil tankers. They serve as the beacon of light that seafarers use as a guide to avoid the dangerous shoals of the Cape in Burgos, Ilocos Norte.

These plants on the foreground are the famous dragon fruit of Ilocos Norte

A few months ago when one of my sponsors asked me to choose anything from their shop, these pants with bows at the sides caught my attention. It's out of my usual style (obviously) but it won't hurt to give it a shot, right? Anyway, a huge thanks to Mart Of China for ticking another box on my wish list. 

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Say hello to my new kicks! Well, what can I say "Secret Santa" definitely knows my taste. Thank you whoever you are :) 

The majestic view atop Cape Bojeador Lighthouse.

Before I end this post, here's a candid shot of my gang and I at the shoreline fronting Cape Bojeador. Comments?

Happy New Year & Stay Sassy! 

"Watch out for my next post! Trip to the North: Kapurpurawan Rock Formation, Ilocos Norte"

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