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13 December 2013

I'm so happy! Hell week is finally over for me. All those sleepless nights and stress finally paid off - I thank God for getting me through this week. Now it's time to focus and get back to my normal routine. That includes: blogging and taking pictures again! Yay!

An anonymous asker asked me this morning; "why do people enjoy raining on my parade rather than be happy for me?" Here's what I can say, some people's lives are so screwed, when they see the opportunity to downsize your accomplishments it makes them feel better. One reason could be, people are jealous and envious when they see others who don't have to struggle living it up or being lavished with opportunities that they can't have. They do all the nasty things they could think of to make you feel miserable. The solution? just take pride that you are doing something they don't have the guts to do. Eventually they'll realize ruining your life won't make them any better. Agree? Share your thoughts in the comment box below!

Now onto my outfit for the day...

I'm inspired yet again to channel out my inner bohemian to school. A big thank you to my newest international sponsor - Mart of China for the loose top and tribal print leggings

Topped off this whole bohemian ensemble by wearing my all-time favorite boots!

What do you think? :)

I'm wearing: 

Top: Mart of China || Leggings: Mart of China || Bag: Dfab Shop || Boots: Franco 

Peace & Love,


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