Never Give Up

4 December 2013

Whyyy hello everyone?! Long time, no write! Really glad to be back :) This past few months have been a torment. I never thought college would be this stressful. Imagine having only 3 hours of sleep everyday for 2 weeks? and it's not even my thesis year yet! 

So today is a bittersweet day. I arrived at school 10 minutes late, a drunk guy near the bus stop was trying to molest me (not literally but you know...) and I was busy stressing over our drama play in literature class. I'm an inch away from giving up, but I thought "what's the point?" I mean, God put me in this position for a reason. It was just up to me whether to deal with it or not. Fortunately, with a help of my close friend (Hey Ale!), I had all my work done in a snap. And you know what's even sweeter? My group got a 3.5 in the drama play, it's a huge achievement for us! Our professor even mentioned that out of all the classes she handled, we are best group so far. Not being boastful or anything but my group really blew me away. So so proud of them!

I just had to share this one - Wanted: A Chaperon Cast. 

Still pondering on what to wear this Friday at Circuit Makati? My outfit for today might help you! If you want more hippie outfit ideas you can search through my archives. I got A LOT in there --->

[Denim jacket: Gap, Top: Beshka, Belt: American Eagle Outfitters, Pants: Forever 21]

To know more about Roux 28, click here

 So, will you go to ... ? *puppy eyes*

Stay Sassy! ♥

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