Prologue: A Multimedia Arts Graduate Show

29 November 2013


What I love about College is, it is the only time that you get to experience living on-campus, partying, having a flexible student/work schedule and making memorable moments with the people you meet. I remember back in high school, I wasn't so excited to go to college unlike everyone else. I was afraid that people might misjudge me or I might not keep up with the workload and just give up. Only to realize college isn't exactly what I thought it was. Though the first thing I really noticed was the workload. It was heavier and more intense than I ever experienced before. The major challenges was the large volume of reading, the short deadlines, and the writing, writing, writing. But despite all that, I get to make really amazing friends and got to experience bunch of things that I haven't experienced before. College is what you make of it they say. I'm glad that I made the right choices and grabbed all the opportunities given to me.

 [Top: The Ramp, Pants: Abercombrie & Fitch, Flats: Charles & Keith, Bag: Michael Kors]

College is a turning point for everyone. It’s that time when you’re too old to be young, but too young to be old—a place of confusion, milestones, and decisions.

To say that college is “hard” is simply an understatement. But people who’ve graduated seem to be more than willing to go back to the stress of thesis, deadlines, and exams. Is “real life” really that scary? However, that blurry place may not be so forbidding, only if we realize that all the bookish theories they taught us are only as important as the lessons we learned outside the classroom: that people will come and go, that there will always be a solution to a problem even if it takes two terms to find it, and that learning does not end when we finally march and get our diplomas. 

Inspired by the moments that made up this memorable time in life, 19 graduating students from the AB Multimedia Arts program of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde recount their experiences through multimedia artworks and installations, hoping to inspire those who are still running for that deadline, those who have capped their college years, and those who find nostalgia in their alma mater.

The exhibit aims to poke fun at concepts that reference collegiate life, including experiences cramming,friendships, and nightmare professors, and also to shed light on the realities of post-graduation scares such as job-hunting, quarter-life crisis, and going after your true ambitions.

On December 2 & 3 at Black Market Manila, witness their stories from college—the Prologue to real life, and beyond. Let us all come and support our young artists in this wonderous effort to showcase their works!

 Hope to see you there and Stay Sassy! ♥

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