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10 November 2013

It's exactly 11pm in my watch and as usual I'm still WIDE awake. I'm always up by this time and mainly because I think too much. You know that feeling when you just couldn't sleep with all the thoughts going on your head. I'm pretty sure you all have that moment, mine just seem to happen every night. Anyway, let's not waste any time and let's start with my #ootd!

Here's what I wore to the church with my family today. CHURCH? yes. Sorry but I couldn't think of anything to wear anymore so I ended up with this a-la-grunge look. But hey, it isn't half so bad! Maybe I'll try to do something more "church friendly" next time.

The skirt with the animal head print on it made its debut early this year. Right after the SS14 fashion shows held in different countries, this skirt can already be seen worn by celebrities and bloggers around the globe. 

Whoever thought of this skirt is a genius! I might be a bit late with the trend but at least I don't wear it along with the mainstream people. I really like the feeling of either ahead or late with the fashion trends, as much as possible I stay away with the bandwagon. Imagine seeing a stranger wear the exact clothes you're wearing? major awkward moment right there! Phew! that's the last possible thing I want to happen in my life. 

Top: Studio S
Skirt: Landmark
Bag: Zara

Oh, did I also mention that this is already my new favorite shades? All thanks to Sunnies by Charlie you'll be seeing me more in this John Lennon inspired shades! Thanks to my amazing parents as well for making my (shallow) dream come true!

Stay Sassy! 

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