Candy Fair 2013

5 October 2013

Hey everyone! As most of you have probably noticed, I've stopped blogging for some time (more precisely for 3 weeks). Any particular reasons? Not really. These past few weeks has just been a roller coaster ride which forced me to sacrifice some of my blogging time and more. Nonetheless, I'm baaack! Hopefully, for good now...

 Me and my best friend Nicole are what you call "true-blue candy girls", call any Candy Event and we're totally up for that! It all started summer last year during the first ever Candy Style Awards and the amazing time we had there made us come back for more. So far we've been to three Candy related events, and the 3rd one is what I'm going to share with you just about now! :)

Nicole and I decided to tag along one of our closest and craziest "girl" friend Skye to the event. The more the merrier, right? Anyway, on the way to the event we got our direction off just a little bit, but even so we were already feeling the butterflies in our stomachs. Not because we were getting lost but because we were too excited for the event! We arrived in the venue around 1 pm and as soon as we got in, I already concluded it was going to be a fun day (...and I was proven right.)

Having arrived there in the afternoon, we thought we were late and the program has already started but the surprising thing is we were one of the early birds. Sadly, we didn't get to check out the exciting booths there because we were too focused on our "goal". Clue: It's written on my top. Lol!

With Yasser Marta! The first Candy Cutie I had the gut to take pictures with... isn't he so adorably fine?! Don't hate people, my friends said we looked bagay together and yes, our outfit is part of the plan.

One of my closest friend in high school, Bryan Arevalo was also part of the Candy Cutie line up. It gave me more reason not to miss the Candy Fair. Gotta support a friend! :)

Fangirling over these four hotties!  

Nicole and I never wear matchy-matchy outfit. It's always the opposite of what we're wearing. If she wears girly Barbie I wear bad girl RiRi and if I happen to wear bohemian pieces she'll go with a grunge attire and it happens every time! I always feel like we're twins separated at birth... aren't we?


Top: Forever 21
Leggings: Miley Cyrus Collection
Bag: Zara
Shoes: Parisian
Headpiece: W.W.W (SM Accessories)

(P.S. Special thanks to Rd for photobombing. I appreciate that -_-) LOL

I was wearing Bryan's jacket when I got instaxed by Team Instax. Not bad, not bad... thank you Ate Ana and Kuya Paul

Nyawww! With my favorite Candy Cutie and Candy Girl

Oh.. so manly! Hehe. Thanks for the photos, Skye

*cue Miley Cyrus song* You'll see me more with this girl in the future Candy Mag events!

And it's a wrap! This year's Candy Fair was one of the coolest experiences I've ever had. One of the most amazing things about this whole experience is being able to enjoy it with my best friends, putting aside the college stress and whatnot. I had to admit that this one is 10 times better than the previous ones. The venue, the people and everything are just perfect!

 Before I end this post, I'd like to congratulate the whole Candy Magazine Team for another successful event and for making our dreams come to life! I can't wait for the next Candy Fair. Ciao! 


  1. jelly =(( i didnt get the chance to come to this year's fair. are you coming to next year's installment? i want to meet you </3

    1. Awww why not? :( of course I'am! see you next year then? <3

  2. Hi Ate Sass! I saw you sa Candy fair and you're so pretty!!! Di ako naka picture wit you kasi dami mo po kasama :(

  3. You two looked gorgeous. I'm glad that you had a fun time. I've never heard of the Candy Fair before or the cute boys in your photos.

  4. you look amazing

  5. Is that RD Monasterio? gwapings!


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