This Is About Goodbyes: 08-04-2013

3 August 2013

"This is about goodbyes" is an article by Jiggy and Jonty Cruz of The Philippine Star. Their article last Friday was very relatable in a lot of different ways and I've decided to share it with everyone here in my blog, especially to those who's still in the process of recovering from a painful goodbye. I'll be inserting few pictures with my family as well here, even if it TOTALLY got nothing to do with "goodbyes" :)

 "As much as we miss the people who've mattered in our lives, we also miss the moments we’ll never have with them again. We’ll miss calling them late at night. We’ll miss going out on those random weekdays. We’ll miss all those Sunday reunions we’ll never have. It’s these moments that build who these people are to us. It’s these moments that we hold on to so tightly because we never want to forget them. It’s these moments that bring them back to us as if they never left.

There are moments in life, brief moments, unexpected moments, that we hold on to forever. We give those moments meaning. We make them more than what they are. It’s in these moments where we see the best of our existence. It’s when we define words like hope, love, and friendship. We hold these moments for as long as we can until inevitably there’s nothing left but to let go. And even then we refuse to do so. As much as it pains us, sometimes we have to let go of these moments. The moments will only be special because we know that at one point we have to let them go. 

We choose who we love. It hits us by surprise but still we choose the people we want to be with. These are the people who make the moments great. When we’re with someone we love, nothing else matters. We make the most of the little time we have with them. And the time we do spend with those we love will always be little. It will never be truly enough. When we say goodbye to those that matter to us, it’s always a happy moment as well as a sad one. You’re happy you had it but we’re also sad that it’s over. Despite the loss, we keep at it. We keep building new friendships and strengthening those we already have. Because deep down, we all live for these relationships, these moments.

Even saying goodbye is a moment we hold dear. As painful as it is, we wouldn't trade it for anything. In fact, the more painful the goodbye, the stronger that relationship is. To simply end or give up when they’re gone is to dishonor the times you've had together. It’s a waste of the relationship you've built. Saying goodbye can either be an end or a beginning.  And as cheesy as it sounds, it’s up to us to be strong enough to hold on to those moments that remind us that it’s better to continue on than it is to end."

We all have that moment when we have to say goodbye to someone or maybe to something, as painful as it looks, we all have to accept the fact and move on... This article brought out so much memories from the past and at the same time it made me realize how strong I am right now. For my family especially to my Mom and Dad, thank you so much for being there for me in times of trouble. I wouldn't be who I am right now, if it wasn't for you guys. Cliche'? maybe, but I mean it and I'm saying it from the bottom of my heart. I love you.

Have a blessed Sunday and Stay Sassy! 

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