The Head Turners: Teen Choice Awards 2013

13 August 2013

I had to admit, I still have the Teen Choice Awards hangover and the only way to cure the hangover is by blogging about it. Anyway, I'm not really into watching awards shows, maybe because I find it crazy or I don't like the gutted feeling not being part of the audience and whatnot. But I knew I had to watch this year's TCA because my favorite boy band will be playing their newly released song and days before the show there were rumors that Lea Michele was also going to be there. I woke up really early for the show and I'm glad it didn't disappoint me. I just hate how bad our signal was and I didn't get to watch the part where 1D received their awards *sigh* Nevertheless, the show was amazing and I had fun watching it!

So, I've come up with an idea of blogging about the stars who (for me) dressed the best or the head turners of the night and I did a little quirk by adding photos of their "fashion style" before :) Enjoy!!

Ahhhh who wouldn't love One Direction? just looking at their 1st picture, we could definitely say that these boys have transformed from frogs to princes. I also noticed that the outfit they wore during TCA reflected so much of their personality and I love it!

Selena Gomez is no longer the conservative chic we all know about, I'm happy that she stepped out of her comfort zone and became the fiercely real lady that she is. Gotta love the 2-slits dress she wore during TCA and *clap clap* for zero wardrobe malfunction!

Oh its The Ian Somerhalder (emphasis on THE), strutting another all black look. C'mon guys, its simple yet very very very sexy, right?! LOL I suddenly remember the first time I heard about Ian, I googled him and was immediately smitten-ed by his gorg eyes. Since then, I became a huge fan! 

This girl has transformed A LOOOOOT. From qtpa2t Hannah Montana to twerking Miley Cyrus. Seeing so much of her skin is kinda awkward still, but we can't do anything about it. Let's just support her, whatever path she chooses :) I just wished she added more leather on her TCA outfit though.

Lucy Hale is another head turner that night and also a fantastic host. Congratulations for choosing the right pair of heels this time. Love you, Lucy!

If there's one thing that will change from Haley Williams, it would definitely be her hairstyle. I can't believe she's already 24 years old! Doesn't look like it though, I thought she was a bit younger. She's still really cute as ever! and thumbs up for the big fashion improvement :)

Lea Michele is a role model. I admire her courage for going up there and having that speech. Her speech brought me to tears because you can tell how much she truly loved Cory. It was really an emotional moment for everyone... On the brighter side, Lea's outfit was very fun and lovely! Apparently, the pink dress made her look 5 years younger :)

Sooo... who do you think deserve to win the award for TCA Head Turner 2013? :)

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