Cerulean Blue: 07-23-2013

23 July 2013

Last week I had a mini photo shoot with my close friend and photographer Em Casao. She told it was going to be a studio shoot. It was quite nerve-wrecking for my part because it was my first time to do a studio shoot and I also didn't want to disappoint her since its for her school project. A big chunk of her grade might get affected if I didn't do well (double uh-oh!) But hey, it turned out better than expected! I actually loved all the shots. Hopefully, I can share them all to you soon. 

For my outfit, I tried channeling a classy ghetto look by wearing an 80's Romper in Cerulean blue
and matched it with the soldier boots. I don't want to look too ghetto so I refused on doing the layer by layer. Instead, I just stick with the romper and less accessories. I guess, the more appropriate name for my style today would be Minimalist Ghetto with a touch of Class and Sass. What do you think? :) 

(I just had to share this one) I searched "Classy Ghetto" on Google and it showed me this photo. LOL! Coincidentally, we both have the same outfit except that hers wasn't as minimalist as mine. Classy Ghettos represent ... not :p

Romper: Bershka
Fringe Bag: Zara
Headpiece: H&M

Stay Sassy! 


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