An Afternoon With Harry Styles: 07-25-2013

25 July 2013

.... in my dreams! Ever since their Best Song Ever Music Video came out, I've been daydreaming of the 1D boys especially Harry Styles! Isn't he so adorable while playing the role of Marcel? :') Anyway, If I were to "dream the impossible dream" that would be to spend some lovely afternoon with him, just chatting and not minding what people have to say. I'll even take the risk of flying all the way to London to achieve that dream! (Every fangirl should know the feeling) But now the big question is: what if I was given that chance, what would I wear on a date with the 1D star? 

During an interview, Harry Styles mentioned that (if I'm not mistaken) he's into cute girls. So for this look I made sure I look cute as possible by wearing light pieces instead of the edgy ones. 

This floral dress from Sassi Boutique is a head-turner, everything about it is so cute and girly! Wait till you see the back...


I paired the dress with this Nude Litas from Parisian. Out of the bunch this shoes is my top favorite. It is very versatile and at the same time, very comfy. Wearing heels while on a date with the biggest star will make a fantastic impression as long as you can properly walk in them and uhm, Harry is 6 feet tall... I refuse to look like a dwarf beside him. Hahaha!

I'll only be wearing this floral crown from Whimsical Accessorias on our first date. I don't want to overwhelm him by wearing too much accessories. 

The Michael Kors bag wrapped up the whole cute and girly look.

Now I'm ready to rock our first date. Hope to see you all in my dreams tonight! ;) 

Stay Sassy! 

Photos by: Jovy Sacro


  1. Aaah date with Harry! How amazing would that be?! I adore that kid! Cute outfit! xx

  2. Beautiful dress. I love the back. LOL I'm sure Harry will love your outfit.


  3. I like your blog post, it's a cute idea posting about what you would wear on a date with a celebrity. I like the back detail of your dress.

    1. Yeah, I find it unique as well! Thank you, Carlyn! x

  4. whoaa loving your back details! such a lovely dress!

  5. I thought you've met Harry Styles already! That made me click this link immediately. Hahahaha! Nice one :D


  6. Very nice outfit!
    Do you want to follow eachother with?))

  7. LOVELY! ♥

    Sassi Boutique

  8. The floral crown on you is too cute! And the open back is such a lovely detail on your dress!


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