Highlights of the Week

23 June 2013

Hello everyone! Wow. It feels like I haven't blog for ages! College is really eating me alive. However, to make it up for my blog hiatus, I'll be sharing the highlights of my week! :) :)

Thursday: Playing with my new app and having some quality time with my brother inside the car while waiting for Daddy-yo. 

Friday: Did my own make-up for the first time without anybody's help. With that I mean, my Mom, YouTube and Beauty Blogs. This day made me realize that I can do things on my own with a little motivation and determination.  

Saturday: Hung out with my friends Mj and Nicole! This day is a very memorable one because all we did was talk about fashion and our careers instead of the usual topics like love and toys. I didn't know that was even possible knowing how crazy and retard they are sometimes. I'm just really blessed to have friends who I can share my dreams and aspirations, with 0 (zero) judgments. Yeah, I love them :)

Saturday Night: Literally came home with these goodies from my newest blog sponsor Whimsical Accessorias! The owner of the shop is really sweet, she made me choose whatever I like from the shop... and my top picks: Flower Crown, Bracelet and Earrings. The best thing about these accessories are they're 100% hand-made. Can't wait to wear 'em! 

Sunday: DIY Ribbon Clip will be posted on my blog soon! Stay Tuned!

There you have it my Highlights of the Week. Hope you enjoyed it just like I do. Thanks for dropping by!

Stay Sassy! 


  1. i love that flower crown! nice pics


  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Great pictures, looks like a fun time!
    Laura. xx


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