Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2013: Michael Cinco

24 May 2013

Ahhh... to be honest, no words can describe how fantastic Michael Cinco's show was, it was almost mystical. As a fashion enthusiast I was taken into his world and never have I felt so humbled and awed. I never thought I would see the day I could experience meeting Michael Cinco and seeing his collections displayed within arms reach!! The title "The Impalpable Dream of Russia" speaks so much about his concept. Looking at his collection one can feel the Regalness his haute couture projects. Seeing it being paraded reminds me of clouds. The embroidery in itself has stunning details, and these details bring out the shape of the models. Such elements of design bring out the art in fashion. The dark side of the concept likewise contrasted the light. I am amazed at how he balanced the extreme sides and make it appear as One.  I can only hope that I can one day come up to par and see what Michael Cinco sees... when that happens I can die happy! Thank you Michael Cinco for being you, I'm proud to be Pinoy! :)

The star of the night: the Impalpable world-class Designer. Woot woot!

With the legendary Fanny Serrano

My look book idol, Andre Judd!

With Asia's Next Top Model 1st runner up Stephanie Retuya

With male model Heydar Hosseini

With my dream come true, Michael Cinco. 

I was trying to steal a shot when he suddenly gave me a series of striking poses. O-M-G!

I'll be blogging about what I wore to Philippine Fashion Week tomorrow. 
Stay tuned & Stay Sassy! 

Photos by: Nicole Silva and Saskia Sacro


  1. Aww. You're so lucky! :) And it's funny how Michael Cinco poese when you're trying to steal a shot. Hahaha so cute! :)


  2. Wow you are so lucky to be able to go to that fashion show. I love the dresses, so beautiful.


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