Keep It Simple and Sassy: 04-18-2013

18 April 2013

Yesterday we had another photo shoot sesh in Caleruega, Batangas which is apparently by far my favorite place for photo shoots because of its lovely view and perfect lighting. Anyway, the first time I got this top from my sponsor I was elated and I knew exactly what pieces to match it with! (Thanks to that blue stripes!)  We all know anything peplum are classy and chic... but sometimes it'll look hideous if a person miss out on matching it with the right pieces. 

Color blocking is also very important! In my case, since my peplum top has blue and pink colors on it (which serves as my dominant) I made sure to match it with either a pink or blue bottom. Afterwards I went for a neutral-toned shoe to keep it simple. If you want to make it pop, consider wearing neon colored accessories  :) 

Velvet Skirt: Trunk Show
Pumps: Parisian
Neon Necklace: It's A Girl Thing Manila

P.S: Stay tuned for the music video we made for Sassi Boutique! :)


  1. such cute look

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    1. Hm Hi. Thanks for dropping by! :) I hope to read more relevant messages from you. No spam messages please. Thanks again!


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