Greenbelt Vibe: 04-15-2013

14 April 2013

Oh hey there! Last Saturday, me and Nicole went to Greenbelt to, well, hangout! Haha! We were supposed to have a photo shoot at Ayala Triangle but then we both got lazy so we decided to take pictures in Greenbelt instead.  Anyway, going to what I wore that day... Since there were a lot of actions going on with my dress I made sure I match it with accessories that aren't too extravagant. Notice that the accessories are of different shades of the same color? That's because I do not want to over emphasize the accessories at the expense of the dress. How does the blue and brown combination strike you?

Dress: Bangkok
Ring and Necklace: 168, Divisoria
Bracelet: H&M

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Stay Sassy! 

Photos by: Nicole Silva

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