Going Boho: 04-10-2013

10 April 2013

Yep, you'll be seeing more of me wearing sheer dresses, feathered accessories and boots - something I've contemplated about really, since I wanted to just stick to one specific style. Obviously, I chose to go boho! :) Anyway, last Sunday me and my family had a spontaneous road trip to Batangas and Tagaytay (blame the sizzling heat in Manila!) and since there are heaps of awesome views there I've decided to bring extra set of clothes with me, in case we have time for photo shoots!   

Our first stop is RSM Lutong Bahay located in the cool breeze city of Tagaytay! Honestly, RSM is one of my favorite restaurants next to Aristocrat Malate. They serve the best Filipino cuisine you could think of, from the appetizer down to the dessert. Yum! Just the thought of it makes me want to go back to RSM and if possible, order everything in the menu. Lol! How I wish they're just a phone call away! *sniff

My lone hippie bag I bought from a Thrift Shop! Don't you just love the color and the turquoise gems on it? Plus the fringes that gave the bag an extra oomph and boho feel. Seriously, if you haven't been to a thrift shop, UK (ukay-ukay) and tiangges until now (whatever you call those stores you find cheap stuff) then you're wasting half of your life and money!! Stop splurging on expensive things and try to consider buying at Thrift shops, there's nothing to lose anyways :)

Who says only boys have the power to pull-off a shoe and quirky socks ensemble? girls too, of course! what I love about the hippie/boho fashion is I get to be myself without really trying too hard.

Feathered Necklace and Blue Ring: 168 Divisoria Mall

And now we're off to Caleruega, Batangas! Yipee we got to go to 2 places in 1 day! Something rare in our family these days, since we all have very hectic schedules. Anyway, I love Caleruega so much! The grass, the trees, the view, EVERYTHING. And what is more fascinating about this place is the serenity of the highlands and the vivacity of the setting sun. Definitely a place to put on your bucket list.

Shades: Cool Cats Manila

Of course, who will ever forget the dress I wore that day? kudos to my Mom for lending me her dress (Well, its mine now. Bwahahaha!) 

Asking my uberly supportive family to join me with my "kaartihan"

We're not complete. So yeah... I love you guys so much! x

At the end of the day, me and my brother became the newest endorsers of Mug root beer! Lol!

How was your weekend? 
Stay Sassy  


  1. very cute look

  2. What a cute family photo :)! Great top--it looks really light and comfortable (yet stylish, still!).

    1. Hahaha yeah we're one crazy family! Really? Thanks Jen, you're very sweet ♥

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