Close up Summer Solstice Experience

27 April 2013

I am really grateful to be part of the hottest 12-hour non-stop musical festival this summer - the Close Up Summer Solstice! all thanks to Marj Sia for giving me and my bestfriend Nicole VIP tickets to the party. (Talk about being lucky)  Anyway, we got there around 10 pm and from outside I could already hear people scream and go wild! It was really nice seeing everyone in their best hippie outfits and what's more hilarious and surprising was that as early as 10 pm there were guys who are already in their boxer shorts! WOAH imagine the party ends at 4 am.. Hmmm.. 

The best hippie outfit I could think of in less than 30 minutes! Tell me what you think, yeah? x

Rompers: H&M
Boots: Thrift Shop
Bag: Powerplant

Me and Bryan Eusebio after sooooo long! Remember the guy I met at New Glorietta Vibe Runway Show? Well that's him! 

Me and LA Aguinaldo, this is the nth time I've seen this guy! But we never get tired of taking pics of each other. Haha! It was nice seeing you again EL EEY! ;) 

Say hi to Marj Sia! The girl behind The Travelling Heels and our tickets. Visit her blog:

Nicole and her outfit of the night! Love that skirt and feathered belt girl! 

In the Philippines we call this Haggarda Versoza. Lol!

So that's it! Hope you guys enjoyed reading my post today. I apologize for the low quality pictures, I've decided not to bring my DSLR with me since it's too bulky and I felt like it's going to get lost in the crowd!  Anyway, I'll be uploading a video of the concert featuring Afrojack, so stay tuned! x

Stay Sassy! 


  1. Such cute pics, looks like a lot of fun!

  2. lovely photos it looks like you had a blast! Also those boots are so cool.

  3. nice! I wish I could have gotten VIP tickets too but I found it a tad too expensive! :(


  4. Awesoooooome!! one at close up summer solstice! :D


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