Black is Back: 04-10-2013

8 April 2013

Last Tuesday my friend asked me if I could model for her final project in photography and the theme was edgy fashion. Honestly, I'm not overly fond of edgy fashion maybe because I don't have the body and the face to pull off something so sexy which it normally requires. Anyway, it took me an hour or 2 before I could finally settle on which clothes to wear in the shoot and if you ask me, it was quite a challenge! 

I was stunned the first time I saw this vintage Porsche car and I wasn't expecting I'd be posing beside it. Not everyone is really fortunate enough to experience these things (well, except for the ultra rich people *cough cough*) so I made sure to savor the moment!

So, here I am wearing my black dress from Studio S and matched it with my heel-less shoes from Parisian

But in here I wore my black platform shoes also from Parisian

So tired! see that sweat over there? :p

Me with my photographer and close friend Ericka Casao! Love you! x

What do you think? 
Stay Sassy! 

P.S Sorry for the low quality pictures, just got this via Facebook! I guess, Nikon cameras don't work well with Facebook. However, I'll try to upload better ones next time! x


  1. Pretty car and beautiful you :)

  2. wow great photos!
    you look gorgeous

  3. amazing pics

    1. Kuddos to my friend!! Thanks for dropping by ♥

  4. Wow! Lovely pics... the dress is amazing. And you pulled it off so easily girl, despite your initial hesitation.

    1. Haha!! Really? Wow great thanks for that flattering comment of yours ♥


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