CSA Makati College Fair: 02-01-2013

2 February 2013

It’s 12 midnight already and I’m still here in front of my computer. Lol! Oh God I can’t explain my happiness right now. Anyway, I went to CSA today along with my best friends from high school and until now (of course). And maaann, the moment I stepped inside our alma mater memories just flashed in like I literally thought I was still wearing my high school uniform but then you know that feeling when  suddenly reality would just smack you in the face and be like “Wake up! You’re in college already!”? Haha! I never really thought I would miss high school this much until I got into college A.K.A: Hell. So those who are graduating already my advice to you guys is to make the most out of your last days in high school and as much as possible avoid those faux pas moments because in the end you’re going to regret it. Big time.Okay, enough of that reminiscing and let me share with you the pictures I took today! Wuhoo CSA forever! 

5 reasons why I love this day:

 Another FRIDAY MADNESS with my bffs!

I finally got to meet again the people I haven’t seen for ages! (I miss my cheer team!)

  Another photo shoot sesh in Greenbelt

Non-stop laughter and craziness (Oh those inside jokes.. hahaha)

  Happy realizations :)

So that's it for today! I hope you enjoyed looking at the photos! Anyway, stay tuned for my OOTD post tomorrow x

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  1. nice pics


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