Shades of Pink: 01-09-13

9 January 2013

 Oh noo... school starts again tomorrow, that means long break is over! I don’t want... just yet. Haha! but I can’t do anything about it might as well enjoy the last day of the long break. *sniff

It is hard to pull off this kind of shawl actually but I took the risk and bring my "styling power" to the next level. When I asked my mom what she thinks if I wear this pink shawl alone, she said I would definitely look like an old lady but still pretty. Okay that is a very bad compliment, so I wanted to prove her wrong by adding some twists to it. I've tried the bottoms you could think of in my closet (shorts, skirts and jeans) but I ended up wearing this leather leggings. At first I didn't actually thought I would pull it off both the shawl and the leggings but when I showed my mom she smiled and said now I look like “Hannah Montana but better”. Oh I like the sound of that. 

If you’re questioning why Hannah Montana out of all the rock star ish girls out there well because the leather leggings I’m wearing is from Miley Cyrus herself! I actually bought this in e-bay back when I was in Grade 6 or 1st year high school, oh gosh she was like my Goddess back then! Haha you know what makes me even more happy? I bought this 5 years ago and it still fits me now I’m in 1st year college!  Aha!

“An outfit without accessories is like an eye without eyelashes.” – The Sassy Theory

Last month my sponsor Be Always Fierce gave me a chance to choose 5 accessories from their shop for free! I was so happy when I got ‘em. In this look I wore the 3 accessories I chose, the necklace and the  2 bracelets. I like how the accessories matches puuuurfectly with the pink shawl and the pink Aztec wedge. Well, I’m not surprised : ) Thank you so much for this BAF!! x

Too much pink is not bad, right? : ) 

Stay Sassy! x


  1. So pretty :)

  2. amazing outfit! love the top! Following you now!

  3. Absolutely amazing look! I love your cape and leggings and especially your amazing shoes :) !!!

  4. You are like a fresh ray of sunshine, you know! That's the worst pick up line, I know, but it's true!

    Stunning as always!

  5. you look really great dear ^^


  6. Thanks for visiting my blog! Following you now, hope you'll follow back:)


    Chic All Over

  7. gorgeous outfit!!
    love the pink
    thanks for checking out my blog.
    I'm following you now, did you still want to follow each other? :)

  8. Love the pink shawl!
    Great shoes!!

    your newest follower
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