Don’t Worry, Be Happy: 01-24-2013

24 January 2013

This day couldn't get any better! After days of working on my blog, I finally got to put it all together :) I was scared I might not finish it just in time for my next giveaway announcement! OOPS. Spoiler alert! Anyway, I always wanted to wear this Disney sweater that was given to me by my friend but I wasn't confident enough because I’m scared I might end up a looking like I'm trying too hard. Nevertheless, I took the risk and experiment! I did some color blocking though, like I matched green with pink and dark blue and added a little bit of neutral which is the bronze detachable collar. Finally, my fear of experimenting colors and textures was alleviated after seeing myself on the mirror. Can’t wait to experiment more!

Quirky and wacky poses for such a fun outfit!

[Sweater: Hong Kong Disney Land, Tank top worn under: American Eagle: Detachable Collar: The Ramp, Accessories: It's A Girl Thing Manila]

I remember the last time I wore sweater it was featured on the November issue of one my favorite magazine, Candy Mag! 

Post Title Inspiration
Don't Worry, Be Happy by Bob Marley

You should listen to this while reading my blog! x
Stay Sassy 


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