After Tonight, I Would Never Be The Same Again: 01-25-2013

25 January 2013

Have you ever had this feeling when you found out that the people you trust and care the most are backstabbing you for no reason at all... and just when you thought everything is okay, people will start pulling you down. And the worst part is you don’t even have the slightest idea what you did wrong to them. To be honest,  I’m extremely upset right now and disappointed at the same time. But whatever, I have no time to rant about these nonsense things and especially not in here. Ugh I just seriously need my TRUE friends now :(

I just realized,  my previous post is full of fun and excitement while this post is nothing but negative things... How ironic.

Anyway, forget about what I have just said and let’s get back to business! Haha! I’d like to share with you guys this uber cute sheer capelet I bought for php 350.00 ($8.75) only, such a steal! I love the sheer texture plus the matching  butterfly print! OMG, I love butterflies and I’d kill to have my room full of cute flying creatures such as the butterflies. It’s sad however that they only have 24 hours to live :( how I wish they can live longer though... Butterflies for me represents hope and they never fail to make me smile A

This song def made me smile. 
You Make Me Smile by Uncle Kracker

Stay Sassy 


  1. Like butterfly <3 amazing :)

  2. I love these pictures, and that butterfly print is so amazing, I wish I had something similar to wear :))

  3. such cute outfit

  4. I know, the world is tough, and I'm sure such things happen to many of us!
    BTW, love the print on the fabric and the way you've draped it makes it look even more beautiful!
    Juneli from Fashionably Yours

  5. Sorry you feel down at the moment hope you feel better. Also i like butterflies too they are so pretty to look at

  6. love your headpiece sorry to hear about all this just remember stay true to you and shine bright:)! p.s. i followed you but you never followed back like you said! hopw you do ! xoxo


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