Sassy Theory: 3 steps to dye denim shorts

24 July 2012

What you need:

> Big Containers
> Lukewarm Water
> Dyes
> Iodized Salt
> Gloves
> Denim Shorts

Fast Dyes from National Bookstore

1.      Dissolve the dye and iodized salt in the lukewarm water placed in a big container ( 1 color for each container)  
       Note: the water must depend on the amount of dye you will put. “less dye, less water”

2.    After a minute or two, start dipping you denim shorts in the container. For better results, dip your denim shorts longer than 1 minute. 

      Note: Be creative! Don’t just stick into one or 2 colors :) and oh! If the color of your denim shorts is dark never use a lighter shade of dye, because it will just be useless in the end.

3.    After you have dipped your shorts, (those who doesn’t have dryer at home) you could just hang your shorts under the sun for 2 days! (Actually, it will dry up in a day, but if you want to be sure do it in 2 days)

So here’s what happened to my denim shorts! Nice, ey? And guess what? I didnt search online tutorials on how to dye shorts blah blah, i just used my imagination and a little help from the tie dyeing experiment we did in my chem class 2 years ago. The experiment we had was really fun and so far it is the best science experiment i had in my life! Because of that i tried doing it in a denim shorts and see if it will work and luckily it did! I know I still lack creativity but i will really work on it! You’ll see ;)

Anyway, hope my 3-step tutorial will help you. If you want to share pictures of the shorts you dyed yourself, please don’t hesitate to show me. Can’t wait to see them!

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  1. You made an amazing job! I have used venus dyes too I bought it for like 3 pesos each on a local store. haha! you can check out my DIY Dyed shorts on my lookbook.


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